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IUM Cultural Festival 2022: Celebrating Culture


As a way of bringing together and uniting all different cultural groups within the IUM community, on Wednesday, 31 August 2022 students and staff at the IUM Main Campus gathered in different cultural attires to witness the IUM Cultural Festival Official Opening.

The three-day festival which is commemorated annually at IUM is this year celebrated under the theme ‘Showcasing Diversity Through Culture.’

“I am confident that this event provides a beautiful and worthy platform for each and everyone of us to love, appreciate and show-case our diverse cultures and talents”. These are the words in his Key note address His Excellency the Paramount Chief of the Botswana ba Namibia Mr Mongwaketsi Kgosiemang, said to all students and staff to appreciate the fact we all come from different cultural backgrounds. “Remember that differences become strengths in a collaborative effort and communication and collaboration are pathways to peace and reconciliation”, said Mr Kgosiemang.

In motivating his fellow students, Mr Mathews Petrus, SRC Chairperson IUM Nkurenkuru Campus spoke on the word of celebration – showcasing diversity through culture. In his speech, he stated that as people, we are dependent on social heritage, which is a mixture of customs, traditions, moral values, attitudes, festivals, folklore, beliefs and ideas which not only make us who we are but conjugates us to further pass it from one generation to another.

During the three-day festival, different cultural groups performed traditional dances and showcased their traditional cuisines and attire. The event also showcased the crowning of Miss and Mister IUM 2022, which was won by Miss Ndeyapo Sheende and Mr David Hambia respectively.

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