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IUM Hosts Official Opening; Hon. Prof. Namwandi declares 2022 as “A year of consolidated performance for the betterment of IUM’s stakeholders and the nation at large.”


IUM recently held the Official Opening of its Academic Year 2022 with all its campuses across the country linked virtually to the ceremony which was held at the IUM Dorado Main Campus in Windhoek.

The event was officiated by Hon. Prof. David R. Namwandi, IUM Founder and Council Chair of its Governing Council. In his opening remarks, Hon. Prof. Namwandi declared the year 2022 as “A year of consolidated performance for the betterment of IUM’s stakeholders and the nation at large.”

This, he said, is an assurance to the nation that IUM meant what it set itself to achieve since day of IUM’s founding in 1994.

Hon. Prof. Namwandi called on both administrative and academic departments to be “geared to hit the ground running, heed our clarion call and declaration that this year is a year of consolidated performance for the betterment of the stakeholders and the nation at large”.

While noting IUM’s growth, the Founder and Council Chair remarked that although the institution performed remarkably well in the past, 2022 should be a year to consolidate past performances in all spheres not limited to interpersonal skills, teaching and research projects and community engagement etc. “Given my philosophy, we want to be a nation of great thinkers and achievers. It is my belief that going forward, human capital development is the only sustainable way for Namibia as a ‘wealthy nation’ with relatively poor inhabitants,” he further said.

In the same vain, Hon. Prof. Namwandi urged students to take their education seriously and expressed what is expected of them, which is hard work and discipline. “There are those who may wish to take shortcuts, and plagiarise, note that the latter is out of bounds in this university. Everyone (students) is expected to have/create original ideas. Our lecturers and professors are ready to take you through, yours is to do your part,” he said

Speaking at the same event, IUM Vice Chancellor, Oladele O. Arowolo observed that IUM continues to expand and strengthen the scope of its unified effort as a multi-campus university. “Although IUM is spread over five campuses, we are now able to hold one faculty meeting across the campuses, call all members of a particular committee to a meeting on Zoom, or even conduct some of our examinations and assignments electronically. Indeed, this official opening ceremony is being conducted virtually from the main campus in Windhoek and beamed to all IUM campuses in the country.”

In conclusion the Vice Chancellor added that IUM is committed to preparing students to be able to stand strong and compete successfully with their counterparts in the job markets for positions within and outside Namibia; to be creative and emerge as a core of young entrepreneurs able to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to the pervasive problem of employment, and the challenge of poverty in society.

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