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Towards implementing the university Strategic Plan (SP) for 2020-2025, the IUM Centre for Distance and eLearning (IUM-CDeL) has adopted a holistic approach to running academic programmes (AP). In line with the SP of the university, CDeL runs online distance learning programmes so as to edge closer to achieving SDG 4 (if not achieved completely), Vision 2030 target and the National Development Plan (NDP) of providing education to all. To achieve this, the centre is working in collaboration with the six faculties of the university, two centres of teaching and learning and the university's administrative offices to offer the Online Distance Learning (ODL) programmes.

The centre’s main objective is to make university education accessible to all in Namibia and beyond (including SADC and the world at large). The Centre leverages on the university e-Learning platform (IUM LMS), Multimedia technologies and expertise to facilitate the online teaching and learning. To ensure that the centre’s programmes meet stakeholders (including students, National Council Higher Education and the Namibian Qualification Authority) expectations and also that courses / programmes are up to date with societal and technology trends, stakeholder evaluation of the centre’s programmes will be undertaken from time to time.

Starting in 2022, the IUM-CDel will run six (6) certificate programmes, two (2) Bachelor programmes, two (2) Bachelor Honours programmes, two (2) postgraduate Diploma programmes, one (1) Masters programme and a number of short courses (depending on the market demand and Institutional trends).

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Application & Registration

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Support Services

Online Course Portal / IUM LMS Guidelines

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Facilitators Support

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Facilitators of the IUM-CDel include the following persons. They can be reached by their email addresses as indicated by their names below:

No. Name Role Email Address
1 Mr. Charles Wanga CDeL coordinator and facilitator c.wanga@ium.edu.na
2 Ms. Alpha Ndeunyema Facilitator for Education Programs a.ndeunyema@ium.edu.na
3 Mr. Timoteus A. Sheepo Facilitator for ICT, and THEM Programs t.sheepo@ium.edu.na
4 Mr. Anthony Adeyanju Facilitator for Business Administration and Strategic Management a.adeyanju@ium.edu.na
5 Dr. Martin Mabeifam Ujakpa Overall facilitator for all CDeL programs m.ujakpa@ium.edu.na

Why study with IUM-CDeL


IUM is a fully Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) accredited University. IUM is fully registered by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). IUM’s certificates are therefore recognised both nationally and internationally.

Well-articulated programmes

IUM-CDeL offers marketable and development-oriented programmes ranging from Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor Honours, Masters Degrees and Doctoral degrees.

IUM Entrepreneurship driven course

IUM-CDeL offers short courses on entrepreneurship besides other programmes to develop skills for students to become innovators, job and wealth creators in the world and not only job seekers.

Affordable Tuition Fees

IUM’s tuition fees are affordable

Qualified and Experienced Academic Staff

IUM has a team of well qualified and experienced academic staff.

Inclusive Education across the globe

IUM uses its Information Communication Technology facilities, IUM-LMS platform and state of the art multimedia facilities to enable teaching and learning to take place anytime, anywhere in the world and thus offering all inclusive education.

Financial Assistance

Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) provides financial assistance to qualified IUM students that are Namibian Nationals / Citizens.

Online Study Facilities and Materials

The IUM e-library is well equipped with study materials and a variety of open educational resources including e-books and access to various electronic resources such as journals. The IUM-LMS (Learning Management System) has lots of electronic study materials by course and is accessible from anywhere and anytime provided that one has a computer or smart phone and internet access.

Free Internet on IUM Campuses

Free WiFi at all IUM Campuses to ensure internet access is available to distance students when visiting the campus.

IUM Students’ engagement and collaborative Activities

IUM-CDeL is balanced with well-planned virtual workshops, online student collaborative engagements, forums discussion and chats on the IUM-LMS.



Contact Us / Inquiries

To reach to the Centre for inquiries or assistance, use the email or phone number below:

Email: ium-cdel@ium.edu.na

Phone Number:

You may also reach specific facilitators for specific faculties or the centre coordinator as below:

  1. Mr Charles Wanga (CDeL coordinator and facilitator): c.wanga@ium.edu.na
  2. Ms Alpha Ndeunyema (Facilitator for Education Programs): a.ndeunyema@ium.edu.na
  3. Mr Timoteus A. Sheepo (Facilitator for ICT and THEM Programs): t.sheepo@ium.edu.na
  4. Mr Anthony Adeyanju (Facilitator for Business Administration and Strategic Management): a.adeyanju@ium.edu.na
  5. Dr. Martin Mabeifam Ujakpa (Overall facilitator for all CDeL programs): m.ujakpa@ium.edu.na or ujakpamabeifam@gmail.com

For assistance to use the IUM state of the art multimedia equipment for teaching and learning, contact the following:

Email: iumlms@ium.edu.na

Mr Aaron Mbangu: a.mbangu@ium.edu.na

Mr Willem Ndeutapo: w.ndeutapo@ium.edu.na

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