Admission Department

Admissions Office acts as a central enquiry point for prospective students from around the world who are thinking of applying for an undergraduate degree, and their advisers, teachers and parents. The office handles communications and manages a variety of administrative tasks in connection with the application process. The main responsibilities of the Admissions Office are to:

  • Manage and maintain the University’s central admissions systems, policies and procedures
  • Receive all undergraduate and postgraduate applications.
  • Process decisions and offers for undergraduate and postgraduate applications in all faculties.
  • Monitor, analyse and report on all applications to the University.
  • Determine the fee status of applicants.
  • Distribute pre-arrival/induction admissions information to relevant candidates.
  • Maintain accurate admissions data on entry requirements.
  • Provide staff training to new admissions staff

Student and Customer Liaison Directorate (SCL)

The directorate provides support and guidance towards the achievement of the values, mission, and policies of the university.  The department is intended towards enhancing the quality of student learning experience and academic success by ensuring the delivery of quality teaching, learning, and support systems to the students, parents, and sponsors.

The directorate is mainly responsible for student queries through a dedicated student support platform and call centre while responding timely to the dissemination of up-to-date information to avert negative publicity to the university. The directorate ensures that personnel provide timely customer responsiveness to all queries and resolve non-routine customer complaints promptly.

Through the directorate’s efforts students are provided with support services, relevant and timely information with regards to essential services such as finances, student activities, admissions, registration, counselling, available health services as well as accommodation. 

Office of the Dean of Students

  • The Office of the Dean of Students (ODS) plans and directs university activities related to student services and campus life. It assists, supports the Student Representative Council (SRC), admissions, health services, financial aid, accommodation and social programmes for students. The office essentially serves as a point of information and a response unit for student needs.
  • Programmes and events coordinated and facilitated by the office of the Dean of Students include annual events such as Student Orientation, Official Opening Ceremony, Cultural Festival, Sports and Recreation Days, Charity Drives, Donation excursions marked by actual visits to Children’s Homes, Old Age Homes, and Shelters. These social engagement exercises are essentially spearheaded by the IUM SRC.
  • The Office of the Dean of Students further coordinates clinics for blood donations, voluntary HIV/AIDS testing, and family planning. This is done in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences, the IUM Clinic and the Student Counsellor. It also facilitates awareness raising events on cancer, HIV/AIDS, gender based violence, substance abuse, child abuse and trafficking, suicides and other socially prevalent phenomenon that may impact negatively on the society at large and on students in particular.
  • The ODS also cooperates with other tertiary institutions on matters of mutual interest and facilitate joint sports and cultural exchange amongst tertiary students.

Finance Department

The role is to manage the University’s financial business. It aims to support the University in achieving its strategic goals to be financially sustainable and responsible.The objectives are:-

  • To provide high quality financial management, advice and support.
  • To ensure financial compliance and accountability.
  • To run effective and efficient services for financial transactions.

Exams Department

The Department is divided into following the parts, on functional basis:
Pre-Examination work:

  • To prepare schedule of Examinations
  • To appoint Paper-setters, Examiners, Moderators
  • To prepare Examinations Programmes of all the Examinations (Time Table); making arrangement for advances to the colleges and University Departments.

Actual Conductance of Examination and Preparation of Results

  • To make arrangement to collect the answerbooks from the various examinations centres
  • To get the answerbooks to assessed by the examiners/moderators
  • To receive the report of the Unfair means cases reported by the vigilance squads from the examination centres
  • To carry out the work of an assessment of answervbooks , collecting marklists/C.D. of marklists from the Central Assessment Programme and the examiners
  • To declare the results of various examinations and send the result.

Marketing and Communications Department

The Marketing and Communications Department is responsible for promoting IUM brand and projecting IUM as a Global Hub for Management Science and Information Technology locally, regionally and internationally.

The department is in charge of the publications such as the newsletter (IUM Voice) and IUM Bulletin. The department also updates the website and Facebook as means of imparting information to the students.

Information Communication Technology Services Department

  • The IT team develops and operates a network to support effective communication and collaboration.
  • IT team develop tools to collect, store, manage, secure and distribute data to make decisions about strategic, financial and operational issues.
  • Protect the IT infrastructure and corporate data against attacks from viruses, cybercriminals and other threats.
  • Design, Update and maintain the university website.
  • Provides on-going support to users through a helpdesk or self-service facilities on the company intranet.
  • The team also ensures that the right level of IT resources is available to meet changing levels of demand.

Human Resource Department

The Human Resources Department is strategically positioned to advance the interest of both the employer and employee and to advise the university on best HR practice.
HR Services:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Benefit Administration
  • HR Support and advice
  • Assurance of policy compliance
  • Employment Equity
  • HR data analysis
  • Staff employment contract & work permit
  • Industrial Relations

Property management Department:

The department oversees the installation, repair and upkeep of an employer’s property, including machines, mechanical systems, buildings and other structures. Maintenance managers delegate tasks to subordinates, from painting and drywall repair to more complex activities like electrical, heating and air-conditioning work. The department is in charge of all the universities’ vehicles.