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Are you ready to inspire minds and shape the future of education?

Welcome to our Faculty of Education, where we empower aspiring educators to make a lasting impact in the world of learning.

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Education is the largest Faculty at The International University of Management (IUM) with more than 8000 students across the four campuses (Coastal, Ongwediva-Centre of Excellence in Education, Nkurenkuru and Dorado Campus). Its main objective is to use expertise and resources to contribute to high-quality teaching, research, and community engagement in order to help develop human resources specifically educators that are qualified, innovative and motivated to change the status quo in response to the needs of learners to enter the 21st century and cope in the fast changing world.

The Faculty was established in 2014, and is currently offering ten (10) qualifications. Its main goal is to produce quality and high calibre teachers, lecturers, curriculum developers, educational planners, managers, administrators, counsellors and researchers. The Faculty is divided into five departments, with the following accredited qualifications across all IUM campuses:

  1. Department of Postgraduate Studies in Education: The Department offers the following programmes: Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) (NQF Level 8); Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (NQF Level 8); Bachelor of Education in Educational Leadership, Management & Policy Honours (NQF Level 8); Master of Education in Educational Leadership, Management & Policy (NQF Level 9); Master of Education in Mathematics and Science Education (to be offered in 2023/2024) (NQF Level 9) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education (NQF Level 10).
  2. Department of Secondary Education: The Department offers the- Bachelor of Education in Secondary Honours (NQF Level 8).
  3. Department of Senior Primary Education: The Department offers the Bachelor of Education in Senior Primary Honours (NQF Level 8).
  4. Department of Pre and Junior Primary Education: The Department offers the following courses: Diploma in Education (Pre and Junior Primary) (NQF Level 7); Bachelor of Education (Pre and Junior Primary Honours (NQF Level 8).
  5. Department of School Based Study (SBS): The Department manages Internship and Teaching Practices in the Faculty.

The faculty is also offering all the Postgraduate programmes via online mode, through the Centre of Distance and eLearning.


Do you want to inspire the next generation? If so, you have made a great choice, welcome to the International University of Management Faculty of Education. A degree or diploma in education is your first step to a rewarding career in teaching. We strive to prepare students for success in a changing world and work collaboratively to ensure every student achieves academically, socially, and emotionally.

The Faculty of Education is one of the largest faculties at the International University of Management. The Faculty offers ten (10) different qualifications which include Masters and PhD’s studies. We are a dynamic, creative and multicultural community that places great value on personal growth and intellectual stimulation through wide-ranging and innovative teaching and research. Our courses prepare students for a number of roles in pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher education. We combine theory and practice and include at least one placement in a school during your training.

The theoretical elements: are drawn from a range of disciplines like educational foundation, the history, sociology and psychology of education, guidance and counselling; and we focus on themes like early childhood development, curriculum development, understanding young people, the learning environment and child behaviour.

The practical elements: involve looking at your professional and academic development, as well as educational strategies which involve developing communication skills; looking at future career aspirations, school based studies, leadership and teamwork. The later stages of undergraduate education courses will usually require students to spend time in schools as teaching assistants or student teachers, taking classes and putting your learning into practice in a real-world environment.

Opportunities: After completing an undergraduate qualification (non-educational qualification), some students will also have an opportunity to go for a postgraduate scheme where they receive a professional teaching qualification enabling them to teach at primary or secondary level. Our undergraduate destinations include working as an education officer, trainer or teacher within the national education system, staff development trainer in private companies or working with young people as part of a charity or government scheme. Teaching in higher education will require further specialisation at master’s level or above, depending on the subject and position. Teaching can be a demanding job, especially in the public sector with new teachers required to work long hours, marking and preparing lessons outside of school hours. Are you ready for that? Yes you are.

Final Words: I encourage you to utilise your time here to engage fully with the academic materials, to be open to learning from your lecturers and from your peers and to use every opportunity for networking so that you graduate from IUM a changed individual, equipped to make a difference in society and in teaching. For more information do not hesitate to call us or visit our office in TUNANA Building, Second Floor.

Congratulations on making this excellent choice for your future! I wish you every success in your future endeavors.

-Dr. Alpha TM Ndeunyema

Dean of Faculty


Dr. Ndeunyema joined IUM in 2015 as a lecturer in the department of strategic management in Ongwediva Campus. In 2017 she moved to Dorado Campus in Windhoek as a lecturer under Faculty of Education. In 2018, she was appointed as a Head of Department (Secondary) in the Faculty of Education remaining there until her appointment as Dean of Education in 2019.

Mrs. Ndeunyema acquired her Master’s in Educational Administration, Planning and Social Policy from University of Cape Town in 2009 .She also holds Bachelor in Education (majoring in Accounting and Economics) from University of Namibia. She also has a certificate in e-learning. She currently completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Education specializing in Educational Technology with University of Cape Town.

Additionally, Mrs. Ndeunyema is a coordinator for the Centre of Distance and e-Learning (CDeL) in IUM. She has diverse experience in teaching and lecturing both in secondary school and university level. Her area of specialization is accounting in education, economics in education, micro teaching, teaching Methods, and educational technology, eLearning, mobile learning among others.

Contact Us

Dr. Alpha Ndeunyema

Dean: Faculty of Education
Tel: 061433600
Email: a.ndeunyema@ium.edu.na

Mrs. Evangelista Endunde

HOD: Department of Pre & Junior Primary Education
Tel: 0614336142

Dr. Hileni Silohenda Amuthenu

HoD: Department of Postgraduate Studies in Education
Faculty of Education
Contacts:    061- 4336197
Email: h.amuthenu@ium.edu.na

Dr Mbangula Daniel Kwalipo

HoD: Department of School Based Studies
Faculty of Eductaion
Tel: 061-4336000
Email: d.mbangula@ium.edu.na

TOMAS Megameno Shivolo

HoD: Department of Secondary Educatio
Faculty of Education
Tel: 061-433 6438 (Office)
E-mail: t.shivolo@ium.edu.na

Ms. Justine P Andreas

Assistant Faculty Officer-Education
Tel: 061-433 6176
Email: j.andreas@ium.edu.na

Mrs Mirjam. K Antonio

HoD: Department of Senior Primary Education
Faculty of Education
Tel: 061 433 6197
Email: m.antonio.@ium.edu.na

Ms. Loide Ashaadhila

Faculty Administrator-Education
Tel: 061-433 6143
Email: l.ashaadhila@ium.edu.na