IUM Host 2023 Summer Convocation

IUM hosted its 2023 Summer Convocation on Friday, 27 October 2023 where 832 students graduated in various fields. During this year’s Winter Convocation in May, IUM graduated 1972 students thus, bringing the total number of graduates for 2023 to 2804.

The IUM Chancellor, Bishop Emeritus Dr. Shekutaamba Vaini-Vaino Nambala during his speech congratulated the graduates on their well-deserved achievement; he stated that the parents, guardians, university staff, support and all stakeholders in education are happy for the success of the graduates.

Officiating at the ceremony, Hon. Prof. David Namwandi, IUM Founder and Council Chair pointed out “While celebrating the achievements of the graduates my heart pains when thinking of the high unemployment situation in the country among the Namibian youth.”

The fight against unemployment in the country, said Hon. Prof. Namwandi, needed concerted efforts by all without playing the blaming game. “In this regard, I have played my part by establishing the “David Namwandi Trust Fund, which serves the purpose of assisting graduates from all accredited tertiary institutions, with seed capital to start their businesses based on bankable business plan”.

Ms. Loide Nghuulondo, the incoming SRC president for the year 2023/2024 in her message to the graduates urged them to remember the vision and mission of the university and reminded them that they were not trained to be job seekers but job and wealth creators. “This progressive mindset, instilled in us by our esteemed founder, emphasized our role in driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and making a difference in our communities. Therefore, carry this entrepreneurial spirit with you as you venture into the professional world, to enable you to create opportunities not only for yourselves but for others locally and internationally”, she concluded.

The Summer Graduation Convocation was celebrated under the theme “Celebrating humble beginnings, assuring total commitment to quality”.

IUM Congratulates and wishes all its graduates a prosperous future.