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About the Library

IUM library has commitment to ensure that a conducive and vibrant learning environment is created for students and staff. The library is state of the art learning and research centre for the entire university community, where scholars create, retrieve and share knowledge. Our collection is rich in scope; covering almost all sphere of knowledge; packaged in physical formats as well as electronically. The library is automated using Sirs Mandarin software, whose modules are integrated, thereby creating a seamless interaction of services. We endeavour to become a world class academic library.

To provide all library users with quality and authentic information resources to support high quality education that promotes excellence in scholarship and research


  • To provide conducive environment for study and research aimed at enhancing full exploitation of information resources and services leading to the production of all rounded quality graduates
  • To utilize modern information technology to facilitate timely acquisition, organization, retrieval, dissemination and preservation of quality and up to date information resources and services
  • To provide information literacy skills to all library users
  • To collaborate with other information and knowledge providers to benchmark and enrich our information resources and services in accordance with local and international standards in support of provision of quality education


Goal of the library
Our goal is to be the intellectual heart of the university, where the vast heritage of human thought and experience will be preserved to provide a stage for interaction of scholarly minds, in addition to assisting the university in pursuit of its vision, mission by providing timely access to quality and relevant information resources in a variety of media to meet the research, teaching and learning needs of the University

Services offered

1. Circulation

Lending services
The library allows its users to borrow information resources for a specific duration dictated by the user group.

Books borrowed from the library may be renewed for a further period which is dependent on the user category. Users may renew online through the web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) or via circulation desk.

Loan eligibility
The library is open to all registered students, academic and non-academic staff. However, in order to loan items out, you are required to register for library membership at the library’s circulation desk.
Borrowing privilege is based on below table. (Applies to general collection only)

Lecturers60 days4 books14 days3 books
Undergraduate students14 days4 books7 days2 books
Postgraduate Diploma students21 days4 books14 days3 books
Masters/PhD students30 days4 books14 days3 books
Non-academic staff30 days4 books7 days2 books

Short loan books are loaned for 3 hours

POSTGRDUATE BOOKS are loaned out for 2 and 7 days respectively (available at Dorado Campus only)

2. User Training

The library educates users on how to make use of the various available information materials; print and electronic. The training is aimed at ensuring that the library user is able to optimize the use of the library resources. Training is provided to groups or on one to one basis. Contact the Library for more information or to book a session.

3. Reference & Information Services

The reference desk assists users in general reference questions pertaining to collection and services of the library. Online reference services are available through Ask-A-Librarian

4. Interlibrary Loan & Document delivery services

Materials (books & Journal articles) that are not available in IUM libraries may be obtained from other libraries that IUM library has collaboration with, upon request. This service is limited to the academic staff only. For more information, please contact library@ium.edu.na

5. Photocopying and printing

Using designated computers, library users (Dorado campus) can print directly from their portal or email and collect the printed work from the photocopy room. To use this service, students must load money on their accounts through the finance office. All other campus student can print at the allocated photo copiers using their flash disks.

All photocopying is done at designated photocopiers.

NB: Windhoek Students are advised to load money in their accounts to enable them to make copies/print.

Rules & Regulations

For the library to provide the most conducive learning environment, the following rules and regulations shall apply:

LR 1: silence must be observed at all times

LR 2: University identification card must be shown at the entrance to the library. No person shall enter or leave the library except via authorized entrance and exit points.

LR 3: Library users are expected to be responsible for their valuables. The library shall not be held liable for any loss.

LR 4: every student should use his/her own student card to borrow books and/or book a computer. Library computers must be used for academic purposes only.

LR 5: Users are expected to check the condition of the book they intend to borrow and ensure that it is in good condition before borrowing it. Only those books that are in good condition will be loaned out.

LR 6: Stealing or attempting to steal library property is a punishable offense.

LR 7: Restrictions

LR 7.1: Mobile phones shall not be used in the library and briefcases and bags shall not be allowed in the library. Mobile phones must be switched off before entering the library and bags and briefcases must be left in the baggage area outside the library.

LR 7.2:iPod, MP3 players, Walkman’s and other music players shall not be allowed in the library

LR 7.3: Order and good conduct must be observed in the library. Placing feet on desks/chairs and sleeping in the library is not allowed.

LR 7.4: Eating and drinking in the library is forbidden. No food or drink should be brought into the library.

LR 7.5: Reserving sitting space or leaving personal books/files on tables for long shall not be allowed.

LR 7.6: Writing, marking, defacing or damaging library materials/facilities is prohibited. Users who engage in any of these activities shall replace the damaged library property.

LR 7.7: Library books used in the library must be left on the tables and not re-shelved by users.

LR 7.8: Use the provided bins to dispose litter.

LR 8: Any user who wilfully damages library property will face disciplinary action by the university disciplinary committee.

LR 9: Fines for overdue books will be N$ 1.00 per day while the use of mobiles (LR 7.1 & LR 7.2) and indiscipline shall attract a fine of N$ 35.00.

LR 10: The librarian has the discretion to suspend any student who accumulates overdue fines/loans until all payments have been settled in full.

LR 11: Clearance: All students must clear with the library upon completion of their courses or when required by the University to do so.

Library Forms

Operating Hours

Semester opening hours
Dorado08:00 – 21:3008:00 – 21:3009:00 – 16:00
Windhoek City08:00-19:0008:00 – 17:0009:00 – 16:00
Ongwediva08:00-19:0008:00 – 17:0008:30 – 16:30
Coastal08:00-19:0008:00 – 17:0009:00 – 16:00
Nkurenkuru08:00-17:0008:00 – 17:00CLOSED
Recess hours
All libraries08:00 –17:00 (closed between 13:00 – 14:00)CLOSED

Library Contacts

Dorado Campus Library:

Tel: 061-433 6000

Fax: 061-433 6152


City Campus Library:

Tel: 061 245 150

Fax: 061 248 112


Ongwendiva Campus Library:

Tel:065 230 149

Fax: 065 230 159


Nkurenkuru Campus Library:

Tel: 066 264 957

Fax: 061-433 6152


Coastal Campus LIbrary:

Tel: 064 206 647

Fax: 064 206 647