IUM Research Review


IUM Research Review

Social Science Research is an intellectual and systematic investigation of issue/problems/concerns to create new knowledge and perspectives about the phenomenon under investigation. In fact, universities are the centres for intellectual discourses and research excellence.

This Research Policy is serving as a guideline to stimulate a research culture at IUM and to help this university to be on par with other research universities in the world.

Substantial educational achievement at IUM should be supported and accommodated by scholarly research and their publication. During the first years of its establishment, research was not one of the priorities of IUM.

But as the university started to enrol graduate students, the need to strengthen the research awareness and capacity of IUM academic staff became imperative. The need for a Research Policy and Strategy was recognized as an essential element to guide research activities at IUM.

It was also felt that developing a strong research culture at IUM will further enhance the reputation and recognition of the university.