Message from the Vice-Chancellor

On behalf of the International University of Management (IUM) Family, I extend a warm welcome to all of you at this esteemed institution. 

From its humble beginnings, IUM takes immense pride in its status as one of Namibia’s top universities, with a diverse student population exceeding 16,000 from various parts of Namibia, other African nations, and beyond. The University has been making remarkable progress in multiple areas. In addition to our fully operational campuses in Windhoek, Ongwediva, Walvisbay, and Nkurenkuru, we are excited to announce the forthcoming opening of two new campuses in Eenhana and Okahao, along with a Research, Training, and Conference Center in Swakopmund. Construction is already underway, signaling our commitment to continuous growth.

Our academic programs are thoughtfully designed to prepare students not only for outstanding academic achievements but also to foster creativity, especially in the realm of self-employment and entrepreneurship in today’s competitive job market.

We are dedicated to ensuring seamless integration for our students within the IUM community. To address their diverse needs beyond the lecture halls, we have established provisions such as the Student Liaison Office, the Dean of Students, the University Counselling Office, and the Student Representative Councils (SRCs) at each campus. Over time, these institutional structures have proven to be effective in catering for the welfare of our students during their tenure at IUM.

At IUM, our students are one of our primary stakeholders, and all our efforts are directed towards delivering top-notch education and moulding individuals who graduate with high academic standards, self-confidence, and integrity.

Each year, we proudly confer Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor’s degrees, Honors degrees, Master’s degrees, and PhDs to nearly 3000 graduates, a testimony to IUM’s growing significance in higher education. Our academic offerings span five faculties (Education; Environment & Sustainable Tourism; Health Sciences; Information and Communication Technology; Strategic Management & Business Administration), School of Postgraduate Studies, and Graduate School of Business. Additionally, we provide valuable short courses through the Centre for Improved Institutional Performance (CIIP), which focuses on imparting soft skills vital for effective organizational management. To adapt to the digital era, many of our qualifications are now offered through the Centre of Distance and E-Learning (CDeL), combining both online teaching and face-to-face interactions.

As an integral part of our university’s mission, IUM actively engages in community outreach to promote social and economic development within the country. Some of our dedicated staff members serve on Government-established Boards and Committees, contributing their expertise to important development discussions and informed decision making.

For those who choose to embark on this transformative journey with us, be prepared to encounter enriching opportunities and discoveries that will expand your knowledge. Our commitment extends beyond imparting knowledge; we strive to foster innovative thinking and provide opportunities to apply newfound skills. We recognize that challenges may arise, but rest assured, our unwavering support will always be at your disposal.

At IUM, our mission extends beyond merely training students for employment. Instead, we aim to instill a spirit of entrepreneurship and leadership in each individual and we do that with a huge sense of pride.

Together, let us create remarkable contributions to society.

Prof. Osmund Damian Mwandemele, PhD.

(IUM Vice-Chancellor)