Management & Leadership

University Titular Head

Bishop Dr. Shekutaamba Väinö-Väinö Nambala


The Governing Council

Prof. David R. Namwandi

(Founder and Council Chair) 

Mr. Peter Elindi

( Deputy Chairperson )

Prof. Osmund Damian Mwandemele

(Vice-Chancellor )

Dr. Demus K. Makuwa

(Senior Advisor in the Office of IUM Chair/Founder on Quality and  Institutional Compliance)

Prof. Kingo Mchombu

(Advisor to the Founder & Governing Council)

Ms. Ester Ndapewa Embanga

(Secretary to Council)

Mr. Ben Mulongeni


Ms. Lena Biwa


Mr. John Nauta


Ms. Dutte N. Shinyemba


Mr. Mikka Asino


Dr. Iyaloo Shiimi


Ms. Martha Kamkuema


Mr. Aron J. Stephanus


Ms. Loide Nghuulondo

(SRC President)

Executive Committee

Prof. Osmund Damian Mwandemele

(Vice-Chancellor )

Dr. Hendrina P. Udjombala

(PVC: Administration & Management)

Prof Makanyeza
Prof. Charles Makanyeza

(Pro Vice-Chancellor: Academic Affairs, Research & Innovation)

Mr. Gerry Munyama

(Director: Marketing, Communications and Stakeholders Engagement )

Dr. Aquilinus T. Nashilundo

( Registrar)

Ms. Ester Ndapewa Embanga

(Group Chief Legal Officer )

Mr. Wilfred Muller

(Financial Controller)

Dr. Shihaleni E. Ndjaba

(Dean: Faculty of Strategic Management and Business Administration )

Office Bearers

Prof. Alex Kanyemba

(Director: Grants Management and Resource Mobilization)

Ms. Tangi Ishekwa
Ms. Tangi. A Ishekwa

(Institutional Compliance Audit Officer)

Dr. Paulus Sheetekela
Dr. Paulus Sheetekela

(Director: Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Services)

Ms. Petsy Neiss
Ms. Petsy

(Director: ITS)

Mr. Paulus Amuthenu

(Director: Human Resource)

Ms Ester Nuyoma
Dr. Esther Nuuyoma

(Director: Quality Assurance & Management)

OARUM Roslin
Ms. Oarum Roslin

(HEAD: Examination Management)

Mrs. Melba
Mrs. Melba K. Sitwala

(University Librarian)

Academic Deans/Directors

Prof. A. Van Dyk

(Dean: Faculty of Health Sciences)

Prof. Peter Nyarango

(Coordinator :School of Medicine)

Dr. Ishmael Mubwandarikwa

(Director: Graduate School of Business)

Dr. Elock E. Shikalepo

(Director: Postgraduate Studies, Research and Consultancy)

Dr. Shihaleni E. Ndjaba

(Dean: Faculty of Strategic Management and Business Administration )

Dr. Alpha TM. Ndeunyema

(Dean: Faculty of Education )

Mr. Sioni Iikela

(Coordinating Director of Campuses  and  Dean of Faculty Environmental & Sustainable Tourism )

Mr. Timoteus Ashipala Sheepo

(Dean: Faculty of ICT )

Dr. Frieda Nanyeni-Kanyemba

(Director: Centre for Languages &

Dr. Emma Nangolo

(Dean of Students)

Mr. Charles George

(Coordinator: CDeL)

Ms. Toini N. Nakale

(University Counselor )

Campus Directors/Branch Managers

Ms. S.N Malumbu

(IUM Ongwediva Centre of Excellence for Education)

Dr. Titus Tulipohamba Haimbili

(Coastal Campus)

Victoria Hakandume
Ms. Victoria Hakandume

(Acting Campus Director: Nkurenkuru Campus)

Mrs. Anna Namwandi
Mrs. Anna N. Namwandi

(Centre Deputy Director: IUM Ongwediva Centre of Excellence for Education)

Mrs. Lilian Nwagboso

(Acting Branch Manager: IUM City Campus & Student Counsellor)

Academic Heads of Departments

Prof. Stephanie Van Der Walt

(HOD: Nursing & Midwifery)

Dr. Michael Mulondo

(HOD: Public Health & Wellness Studies )

Mrs. Ilenimutale N. Haiduwa

(HOD: Marketing & Human Capital Management)

Ms. Rosalia Mwalundilange

(HOD: Business  Administration )

Mr. Stanley D. Lyatumba

(HOD: Accounting and Finance)

Dr. Ruth Eegunjobi

(HOD: Mathematics & Economics)

Mr. Jonathan Fundisi

(HOD: Electronics & Communications Systems)

Mrs. Naemi UUshini-Kagola

(HOD: Information Systems & Software Development )

Mrs. Evangelista Endunde

(HOD: Pre and Junior Primary Education)

Dr. Silohenda Amuthenu

(HOD: Postgraduate Studies Education)

Mr. Tomas Megameno Shivolo

(HOD: Secondary Education)

Mrs. Mirjam K. Antonio

(HOD: Senior Primary Education)

Ms. Penelao Nangolo

(HOD: Environmental Studies)

Dr. Blessing Tafirenyika

(Graduate School Of Business)

Ms. Roswitha Vincentius

(HOD: Transport and Logistics Management)

Toivo Uahengo
Mr. Toivo Uahengo

(HOD: Sustainable Ocean and Aquaculture Management)

Omega Chimhangwa
Mr. Omega Chimhangwa

(HOD: Sustainable Tourism)