On Thursday, 23 May 2024, the International University of Management (IUM) SRC’s excitingly launched the Student GoFundMe Project under 


 ‘Empowering Future: Bridging the Education Gap’

On Thursday, 23 May 2024, the International University of Management (IUM) SRC’s excitingly
launched the Student GoFundMe Project under the theme ‘Empowering Future: Bridging the
Education Gap’.

The launch took place at the main Campus in Windhoek, Dorado Park. The purpose of the
project is to raise funds to support students in need, ensuring they have the financial means to
pursue higher education and unlock opportunities for personal and professional growth.

IUM SRC President Ms. Loide Nghuulondo explained the main objective of the campaign which
is to source financial assistance for students facing economic challenges, helping them cover
tuition fees, textbooks, accommodation and other essential expenses related to higher
education. “Our aim is to create a level playing field enabling talented and motivated
individuals to pursue their academic goals regardless of financial constraints”, remarked Ms.

The GoFundMe Project aims to raise N$1,000,000.00 to support a diverse group of students
seeking higher education. “This amount will be distributed among selected application based
on their financial needs, academic merit and commitment to their chosen field of study,” said
Ms. Nghuulondo.

Dr. Hendrina Udjombala, IUM Pro-Vice Chancellor for Administration and Management in her
remarks commended the student representative council lead by the Office of the Dean of
Students for recognizing the needs of the students and taking up the challenge towards
assisting in the provision enabling aspirant students to get over financial obstacles and pursue
higher education. Dr. Udjombala added that most students often find themselves struggling to
pay tuition fees, books, housing and other necessary costs associated with pursuing higher
education; this initiative will thus assist level the playing field so that any gifted and driven
people can pursue their academic objectives regardless of financial standing.

The GoFundMe Project was officially launched by Prof. Charles Makanyeza, IUM Pro-Vice
Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Research and Innovation. Prof Makanyeza stated that the
launch of the GoFundMe Project marks a significant milestone for IUM Students as it

symbolizes the spirit of collaboration and community – the spirit of Umbutu, the spirit of
brotherhood and sisterhood.

“This GoFundMe initiative is not just a campaign; it’s a testament to what we can achieve when
we unite for a common purpose,” said Prof. Makanyeza.

The initiative resonates with the IUM’s 2024 theme, “the year of diligence and concerted
efforts towards achieving our set goals”.