Call For Business Funding Application: Youth Entrepreneur Graduates

The David Namwandi Trust (DNT) extends its Annual Invitation for the financial year 2024/2025, to
prospective young graduates who aspire to be business entrepreneurs.

Call for business application

The purpose of this intervention is to identify and nurture entrepreneurs, start-up SME’s with viable
proposals to avail funds to enable young entrepreneurs graduates from IUM, UNAM, NUST and
any private institution duly accredited by NQA, NCHE and/or NTA, to formulate a commercially,
financially and environmentally viable growth strategy that will significantly enhance the possibility
of a Sustainable Business Plan without the need for further external funding in the following priority

1. Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Business Start-Up Projects
2. Community Health and Environmental Projects
3. Agriculture and Food Processing Projects
4. Water and Energy Security Projects
5. Human Resources Development Projects
NB: For application, kindly follow the link:

NB: For application, kindly follow the link: 

For enquires contact Ms. Teopolina Itamalo Tel: +264 61 242708 | Email: CLOSING 

DATE: FRIDAY, 14 JUNE 2024 , 12H00 PM